What Tomorrow Brings is a DIY rock/metal band from Falkenberg, Sweden, formed in 2008.

The current line-up is:

Kristoffer Karlsson  Christoffer Andersson  Kristoffer Bäcklund  Fredrik Strandquist  Mikael Ohlsson
       - Drums               - Guitars & growl             - Vocals                  - Guitars                 - Bass

The first pieces of the W.T.B-puzzle came together in 2008, when Christoffer Andersson (ex- By Night, ex- DÖDZ , late Sonic Syndicate stand-in) had decided to step away from the microphone and focus on the guitar.
Andersson teamed up with childhood buddies Per Bengtsson (bass) and Kristoffer Karlsson (Drums) and started writing songs with the attempt to create something simple yet epic and catchy yet honest.

Through strange detours and mystic circumstances Kristoffer Bäcklund (ex-drummer of Sonic Syndicate) showed up at a rehearsal and grabbed the microphone. Success.
The pieces seemed to fall into place and the first three songs ended up at a shitty demo-recording which somehow reached guitarist Fredrik Strandquist, who liked what he heard and joined forces.
Despite all musical and personal differences the band was complete and united under the banner of What Tomorrow Brings.

Just a week later W.T.B made their live debut, and shortly thereafter the recording of “Forever starts tomorrow” was a fact. It was recieved with open arms and couple of months of live shows and song writing followed.

By the summer of 2009 a confident W.T.B hit the studio once again for another EP to be recorded. It was named “This you owe me” and was just as warmly recieved as its predecessor.
The following year the band played as opening act for bands such as Sonic Syndicate and Hardcore Superstar and gained a good reputation as a live band.

Good times, bad times.

The following period was very turbulent for all the members.
Everybody went through big personal problems and changes.
Not least Christoffer Andersson who took a huge step for not only himself but the entire band when he went for a six month re-hab period due to his alcoholism.
Despite the dark clouds the band kept going and by autumn 2010 the band felt the urge to record three new songs.
By the same time Christoffer was asked to replace growler Richard Sjunnesson on Sonic Syndicate’s upcoming Europe tour, and accepted this request.
At his homecoming, christmas 2010, the new EP was released under the name of “Nothing, Nothing, Nothing”. W.T.B was also featured on a sampler disc from the American label GoDiy-records.
Some great gigs were made during the following spring and Andersson joined Sonic Syndicate on their Russian tour as well.
Being approached by some labels W.T.B embraced the summer of 2011 with plans on recording a debut album, but had to face yet another setback when bassist Per Bengtsson announced that he'd lost his musical motivation and thus decided to move on.
For a while W.T.B balanced on a razor’s edge. There are many bassists out there, but less friends.

Finally the band decided to pick up the pieces and start over.

To sum up the past a self-titled compilation CD featuring the “Forever Starts Tomorrow”-, “This You Owe Me”- and “Nothing, Nothing, Nothing” EP’s was released in December 2012 alongside this website and a video of “Above the Sun”.

And along came Mikael Ohlsson (Nascency) with a bass in his hands and thus made the band complete again for the first time in more then a year. 

New songs are under construction and the awaited debut album will follow in a not so distant future!

As for the rest, you never know what tomorrow brings...







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